Life and Accident Insurance 

You can establish financial safety for your children or your family with the range of products we offer. You can find risk life insurance with reduced premiums, depending on the state of your health, and a life insurance option specifically tailored for women.



AEGON Vital - AEGON Vitál

AEGON Vital insurance is a risk life insurance with reduced premiums depending on the state of your health. We recommend AEGON Vital for the primary income earner in the family, who would like to ensure the financial safety of his/her family for the long-term.



VENUS Life Insurance Programme - Vénusz Életbiztosítási Program

VENUS Life-insurance is a two-part saving and health insurance plan for women of all ages. The programme protects you and your family financially from life's unexpected events. 



AEGON Scholarship Programme / StafétaAEGON Ösztöndíj Program/Staféta

AEGON Scholarship programme is a combined life insurance policy and savings plan. You can care for the future of your child with the help of regular savings. In case of a sudden tragedy, we will reimburse the insurance premium on behalf of the departed parent until the expiry date. So without a shadow of a doubt, the original aim will come true.



AEGON- Baby-Mama Programme  - AEGON Baba-Mama Program

AEGON Baby-Mama Programme is an insurance programme for mothers, who have given birth to a new-born baby and would like to start saving for the future of the child, while seeking financial protection against health problems, which can be dangerous for women.



AEGON Career Programme - AEGON Életpálya Program

AEGON Career Programme is a life long insurance programme. It is a savings plan with multiple choices, which can easily be formed according to your actual demands and age.




In each family, the breadwinner is the financial security, shouldering much of the responsibility. The Dynasty programme undertakes part of this responsibility, allowing you to ensure a stable financial future for your family, in case of death of the breadwinner.